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Rowing Camps..

Rowing Camp

Row-Craft offer 2 day weekend rowing  camps up to full weekly camps. These camps are excellent as a technical and training tune-ups for experienced rowers, whilst providing beginners and novices with a solid introduction and understanding of the sport.

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Standard Program Level 1

 Standard Plan Level 1 – 4 weekly programs 

1.On water program,comprising of personalised, periodised training sessions designed to increase your on water technical   efficiency,aerobic and anaerobic fitness and boat speed. We will discuss your seasons goals with you and devise a plan to fit you and your training /life balance.

2. A personalised and periodised off water,land based program ,comprising of ergometer,weight and cross training designed to build strength and also add to and increase your aerobic and anaerobic fitness.We will evaluate your performance throughout the training program by analysing your on and off water results.

3. Analysis of your training adaptation and fitness with tests,also evaluation of your race results.

4.Email support is available to you throughout your purchased program for any issues you may have with your workout or racing.




Advanced Plan Level 2

Level 2 :- Advanced Program – 2 Weekly Programs

The Level 2 program is our advanced program for rowers who require a more complete and detailed program and close monitoring of progress.

Level 1 Standard  Program 


1 Video analysis bi-monthly with focus on fault correction technique & stroke optimisation

2. Priority individualised email support

3. Fortnightly programs based on goals, fitness levels and video analysis

4. Monthly Skype or phone call link-up to discuss and  analyse  progress

5. Each program is offered for a minimum of 3 months subscription

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